2019 Running Back Busts

Although we cannot agree on these two together we both make an intriguing case to why these guys can bust this year!

Derrick Henry- Tennessee Titans

First bad part of Henry, he is going in round 4 and there is too much risk of re-Injury. Henry has injured his right leg on two separate occasions. Once in college and once in his rookie year. As of right now he has injured one of his legs and has been in a walking boot since Friday.

Second, Dion Lewis did not go anywhere. Henry is not used in the passing game. Dion got 67 targets last year compared to Henrys 18.

On top of all of that he plays on a terrible offense and Jeremy McNickles is getting hyped as a change of pace back. This may be nothing or just to help fuel Henry’s fire but it is definitely worth noting.

Henry is going to have to score touchdowns again this year  to stay relevant. He is still on the high from the end of the season which was great but remember it was only 5 games and 60% of his Fantasy points came in those 5 games!

Beware drafting Henry this season.T

Aaron Jones- Green Bay Packers

Aaron Jones is a young back who flashed his potential last season after serving a two-game suspension for a substance abuse violation. Jones also missed the last 2 weeks of the season with an injury going on IR.

Jones has never got the opportunity to be the lone back in this offense and I don’t believe her will get that chance again this year.

With Jamal Williams still in the fold and his recent knee injury at the end of the season his value is just too low to be being taken in the middle of the 3rd round.

Greggory Cline and Trevor Calvert Contributed to this Article.

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