2019 TE Bust

If you decide to punt on the Tight end position here are couple of guys going as TE 1 that we recommend you avoid.

David Njoku- Cleveland Browns

Njoku finished with the second most targets on the team last year and still could not be Fantasy relevant. With the addition of Odell Beham jr. his targets will go down and that should be enough to want to keep you away. Use the 8th round for depth building in the draft before wide receivers and running backs all disappear. 

Last season Njoku had the biggest opportunity he will probably ever see and he did not show up for the occasion. With less opportunity this year you have to expect him to finish lower than last.

TJ Hockenson- Detroit Lions

Hockenson was the highest drafted TE this season being taken #8 overall. That is a lot of hype to like up to especially in being that the last TE the Lions drafted with a top 10 pick did not work out so well. The pressure will be on for Hockenson to be good if not spectacular right away. Rookie TE’s usually struggle as the position is actually quite tough to master. Hockenson will find it tough to make an impact. The best finishes from a rookie TE since 2010 have been by Gronk and Evan Engram who both finished as #5 in their respective seasons. Those are two pretty good names to be mentioned within the TE circle but those are the exceptions, not the rules.

Greggory Cline and Trevor Calvert Contributed to this Article.

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