2019 WR Bust

With the depth at wide receivers this year there are a couple guys we don’t believe will live up to the draft expectations.

Chris Godwin- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Early in the offseason Godwin looked to be a Sleeper for the season and was the talk of many in the industry. All of this hype drove up the ADP on Godwin to the middle of the 4th round!

I think Godwin can make a leap from last year but the 4th round is way too early now. Guys like Golladay, Lockett, Kupp, Ridley, and Byod are all on the board and should have a  better season than he.

Godwin is behind one of the best receivers in the league in Mike Evens who has averaged over 140 targets per year. This is even including last season when Godwin, Humphries, Jackson, Brate, and Howard were all getting targeted!

There is a lot to like this year in Chris Godwin but unless he slides back down into the 7th round or later I would not recommend taking him this year. 

Allen Robinson- Chicago Bears

Many are still believing in the potential stardom that Allen Robinson could have had coming off a huge 2015 season but a devastating ACL tear in the opener for the 2017 season ended that hype.

Allen Robinson was WR41 last season but is being taken as WR31 this season. With Mitch Trubisky still at the helm for the bears and Anthony Miller ready to take on a larger role in his second season it is hard to see Robinson’s prospects improving from his production last season.

If Robinson were going later in drafts say somewhere around WR40 which would move his ADP to the 9th round there would be substantially more value to be found with him, but as is Allen Robinson is someone to avoid while there are more high upside options.

Greggory Cline and Trevor Calvert Contributed to this Article.

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