QB Sleepers 2019

Just in time for your drafts here are some Quarterbacks you can take later in the draft and be more than happy with their fantasy production!

Jameis Winston- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis is in the last year of his contract and needs to show this season that he can be a franchise QB or risk potentially losing a starting role and a significant amount on his next contract. Outside of the contract though the most important thing that is in his favor this season is the change in coaching staff. Bruce Arians was hired this offseason after having stints with both Arizona and Indianapolis in recent years. Arians is known as a bit of a QB whisperer and should be able to get Jameis to that next level.

Jameis has also slimmed down this offseason and has looked more mobile in camp. Now on to his fantasy prospects, In the 11 games in which he did play last season he averaged 19 fantasy points per game, if you remove the two games in which he played less than 50% of the snaps that number climbs even higher to 20.5. If you extrapolate that out to a full 16 games that would make Jameis the number 5 QB in 2018. Now I am not saying that Jameis would have finished there had he played all season but we can see that the potential is there.

Jameis is currently going as QB13 based on ADP and with his weapons and new coaching staff this is tremendous value as he could easily finish as a top 10 QB this season. 

Dak Prescott- Dallas Cowboys

First off, there is a lot of murmurs about Dak being a bad QB. He is coming off a year in which he had a career high in passing yards and knocked a Russell Wilson lead Seahawks team out of the first round of the playoffs and then went on to lose to the eventual NFC Champs in the Rams. Quit giving Dak so much hate!

Now, for his Fantasy implications this season he is such a great value at the end of the 12th round or QB 18, behind Tom Brady, why not wait on him?! Remember it was after week 7 that the Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper. Cooper helped Prescott out a ton and didn’t get an offseason to work on chemistry together, just think how much better they will be! Before that Cole Beasly(another player I love, but as your number 1?)and rookie Michael Gallup were Prescott’s top receivers. Dak’s Completion percentage, Open throw Percentage, and Passer rating all went up with Amari Cooper.

Oh, and let’s not forget the part you are here for, he averaged 3 more fantasy points per game with Cooper(From 17 up to 20). That would have moved Dak to the QB8 position had Cooper been there all season. He has never finished the season lower than the QB10 since being in the league and throwing 22 or 23 touchdowns each year and rushing 6 each year! Dak is a steal in the 12th and No bad argument will change my mind!

Matthew Stafford- Detroit Lions

One of the toughest if not THE toughest QB in the NFL. Stafford has accrued 8 straight 16 game seasons. Last season both his attempts and completions were at the lowest they have been since his Sophomore season. With a new defensive minded coach, few weapons, and an atrocious offensive line it was a perfect culmination for him to have a down year. Golden Tate one of his top targets was traded midway through the season and the young Kenny Golladay became the number 1 target in this offense. While the offensive line has not improved substantially, It is easy to see that his targets have. Kenny Golladay will get a full season to be the #1 receiver, Marvin Jones is a solid 2 at the position, Kerryon Johnson should help take some pressure off of him, and rookie TE TJ Hockenson has looked the part of a first round pick thus far in camp. These things combined with another year of continuity in his new system should help tremendously.

What is very appealing here fantasy wise is the value. Stafford is going in the 14th round as QB23. Stafford will come virtually free and is in line to have a substantially better season than his previous. Before Tate was traded Stafford averaged 18.1 PPG while after the trade he averaged a lowly 10.7. This discrepancy was also due to a tough schedule as the Lions played Minnesota twice, Bears twice, and the Rams and Bills once each. Of the last 9 weeks 6 were played against elite defenses.

All of this said Matthew Stafford should be a solid fantasy producer this season and finish much higher than his ADP would dictate.

Sam Darnold- New York Jets

New Coach, New Offense, New Playmakers, and one year behind him. Darnold is a guy going virtually undrafted in leagues. I get it, you don’t want a guy that has not proven himself especially with a QB draft class that seems to be as deep as ever.

Look at what Darnold did last year with a banged up Robby Anderson, Chris Herndon, and banged up Quincy Enunwa. Darnold averaged almost 16 points per game in 12 games, he was out for a foot injury for the other 4. 16 points does not get people excited but you add an upgrade(I think) at your coaching position, and upgrade at RB with LeVeon Bell, and an upgrade at WR in Jamison Crowder I like what he can potentially do with this team. And so far in the preseason he has looked great!

In a 2 QB league there in no question Darnold should be drafted and if you wait extra long on the QB I think he will be a safe bet for you this season!T

Greggory Cline and Trevor Calvert Contributed to this Article.

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