WR Sleepers 2019

Wide Receivers are very deep this year so here are a few guys we like if you decide to wait on the position.

James Washington- Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown has been a monster to say the least in his tenure with the Steelers and with a mind boggling 168 targets and 15 touchdowns now up for grabs from last season he has left a lot of work for some of the young and new guys this year.

James Washington’s sophomore season could be his breakout year, Since last season Washington has shed 15 pounds and worked on his route running. Two preseason games in and Washington passes the eye test and is getting some work with a touchdown and 8 catches for 162 yards! Sure, the Steelers did sign Donte Moncrief but, even if you believe he will take the wide receiver 2 spot over Washington(You are probably wrong), 78.4% of the time in 2018 the Steelers had 3 wide receivers on the field. The preseason has not looked nearly as good for Moncrief either as his only catch resulted in a fumble.

With a 10th round pick you can’t go wrong here!

Donte Moncrief- Pittsburgh Steelers

Donte Moncrief moves from one of the worst possible situations for a receiver to one of the best possible situations. When Moncrief made the move to Pittsburgh this season he left behind an incompetent offense with a backup QB mascarading as a starter  for an all time great QB in a high powered offense with many targets up for grabs.

Moncrief has battled injuries throughout his career but has shown promise when on the field. He made the most of his situation last season and was able to turn in numbers of 48 receptions and 668 receiving yards. Of the players vying for the backup WR role Moncreif and James washington have the best chance at the position. What gives Moncrief the edge is his experience and apparent budding chemistry with QB Ben Roethlisberger. Many look at the preseason stats but they do not tell the whole story. Moncrief is getting snaps with the first team currently which is limiting the time he has been on the field. Also missing from the equation has been Roethlisberger who will be the starting QB and who has talked about the chemistry he is developing with Moncrief.

Moncrief is currently being drafted late in the 10th round and provides a lot of upside for the receiver position. His current ADP makes him a value as he is in a good offense and is currently set to be the #2 receiver(Maybe).

Michael Gallup- Dallas Cowboys

Gallup is going into his second season teed up for a great season especially if Zeke decides to sit out any number of games this year.

With Cooper on the field last season Gallup actually saw 2 more targets per game.. Again, A ROOKIE was getting targeted more with Cooper than without. You can only expect these targets to increase and his time on the field to increase in his second season. There are a lot of targets being taken between Cooper, Cobb and the returning Witten but even still he should be the number 2 option on the team.

I expect him to be a solid WR 3 with WR 2 upside this year. 

Devin Funchess- Indianapolis Colts

Devin Funchess is coming from a team led by Cam Newton who is good at what he does but is not nearly the passer that Andrew Luck is. This alone should help Funchess.

Not to mention he will be in a dynamic offense with more weapons than most teams can cover. Lining up across from TY should help Funchess this season. Funchess has had drop issues in recent years but the Colts were able to make it work with drop prone Eric Ebron and Funchess should be no different. Funchess is coming off a disappointing season but should be in line for a bounce back season.

Funchess will likely be a solid red zone target for luck as a big bodied receiver. With Funchess being taken in the 13th round he has solid upside as a depth receiver who could be a solid spot start in bye weeks.

John Brown- Buffalo Bills

John Brown has battled injuries for most of his career that have hindered him from living up to his potential. Last season he was finally healthy and was able to showcase some of that potential. Brown is a good deep threat and has a quarterback with maybe the strongest arm in the league. On paper this is a match made in heaven. On the field, though, Allen and Brown will need to be able to develop that deep ball chemistry in order for Brown to live up to his potential.

Browns value took a huge dip at the end of last season due to Lamar Jackson taking over as the starting QB in Baltimore. In the 7 weeks that Jackson was the starter Brown never scored more than 10 points. In the 9 weeks before that Brown had 5 such games.

Brown will compete with Zay Jones and Cole Beasley for targets but his value as a high upside guy in the 13th makes him worth looking at. 

Cole Beasley- Buffalo Bills

Yes, he is going undrafted and Yes, he is on the Bills. I like this Bills offense this year. Josh Allen is one more year polished and the front office put some players around him to get the passing game going this year.

Josh Allen said “Check-downs aren’t usually a cop-out. It’s usually the smartest play. When everybody drops back, get it to a running back, get it to a tight end, get it to our slot, and let them make a play.” If you know anything about Beasley he is the check-down receiver of the past 5 years. Allen’s big arm should open the middle of the field up for Beasley and you have to believe he will make the plays with every opportunity.

On top of all of this Beasley played one quarter and was targeted 5 times and caught all 5 in the week 2 preseason game. I don’t want to put too much of an emphasis on the preseason but it is impressive to get 45% of the balls the QB throws.

Expect Beasley to finish the year as a solid WR 3 with the ability to be WR2.

Greggory Cline and Trevor Calvert Contributed to this Article.

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